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>>The new Lead Sled DFT 2 (Dual-Frame Technology) has been re-designed to provide shooters with the industry’s best recoil reduction system and the versatility to fit virtually any shotgun or rifle, all built around a precision shooting platform. >>Whether you are trying to shoot the very tightest possible groups with your rifle or patterning your favourite shotgun, the Lead Sled DFT 2 provides an optimal platform for shooting without the negative effects of recoil. >>Features: <>Reduces recoil by up to 95 percent <>Extremely fine windage and elevation adjustments <>Adjustable cradle system fits almost any length rifle & shotgun <>Re-designed Baffled tray keeps up to 100 lbs of lead shot in place <>New revolutionary moulded front bag provides a soft touch but firmness for increased stability <>Improved elevation ram eliminates wobble in the front cradle. 2 1/2″ adjustment (over 27 feet at 100 yards) <>Advanced rear recoil shock absorbing pad cushions the firearm during use <>Dual frame technology allows the length of the rest to be personalized <>Increased clearance of the Lead Sled DFT’s unique dual frame design, it can accept most detachable magazine rifles (such as the AR-15 and AR-10) as well as lever-action rifles. <>An innovative elastic retention strap can be used to ‘strap in’ the forend of the gun, preventing the front of the gun from jumping out of the front cradle.