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Redfield Revenge 3-9 x 42 Dial and Shoot Accuranger Accuplex

Redfield Revenge 3-9 x 42 Dial and Shoot Accuranger Accuplex
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TAmmunition and Weapons Parts

Our scopes are sourced from NIOA the only Australian supplier.



Redfield® Revenge® Dial-N-Shoot™ (DNS) riflescopes offer an unprecedented combination of ranging capability and long range shooting precision. Simply adjust the magnification until your target fits within the bracket, read the distance indicated on the top post of the reticle, turn the DNS elevation dial to the corresponding yardage, hold dead on, and shoot.



Revenge Dial-N-Shoot riflescopes feature an advanced, fully multicoated lens system for the ultimate in brightness, clarity and resolution. A fast focus eyepiece provides unmatched field of view and makes reticle focus easy to achieve and maintain. The Accu-Ranger Accu-Plex reticle offers precise ranging for targets out to 600 yards, and features markings on the horizontal crosswire in two minute of angle (MOA) increments, allowing you to quickly compensate for wind drift.


Each Revenge DNS comes with 5 pre-engraved elevation dials that can be used to match the ballistic profiles (bullet drop) of most popular hunting calibers. For example, if you need to take a shot at 400 yards, you simply turn the DNS elevation adjustment to 400, hold the center of the reticle on target, and squeeze the trigger. The windage adjustment features a ¼ MOA pop-up resettable dial. All Redfield Revenge riflescopes are Nitrogen filled for a lifetime of waterproof, fog proof and shockproof performance, and are covered by the Redfield "No Excuses" lifetime warranty



  • Dial-N-Shoot Elevation Adjustment


  • Includes One 1/4 MOA Dial and Four BDC Dials


  • Pop-up resettable 1/4 MOA finger-click windage adjustments


  • Superior durability, image quality, and field of view


  • Accu-Ranger Accu-Plex Reticle


  • Waterproof, fog proof, shock proof


  • Fast focus eyepiece


  • Redfield Lifetime Warranty

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