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Tetra Rifle Cleaning Kit 12 Gauge With Gun Grease

Tetra Rifle Cleaning Kit 12 Gauge With Gun Grease
Brand: Tetra Gun
Product Code: T730C
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Price: AU$55.00
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Tetra Gun Valupro III Rifle Cleaning Kit specifically designed for commercially used firearms.

Where extra lubrication is required to reduce wear from a higher cycle rate. Can also be used on semi auto 22 cal cal handguns.

Suitable calibres are

  • 223 rem
  • 222 rem
  • 22-250
  • 22rim fire


  • Tetra Gun Triple Action All in one cleaner,lubricant protection
  • Tetra Gun grease
  • Quality cleaning rod with ergonomic handle
  • Extension piece
  • Muzzle guide
  • Bronze brush
  • Patch holder
  • Cleaning patches


The tetra grease is specific for high speed and high pressure actions.  Ideal on slide cuts and rails.  Can also be used on lever and pump action for a smoother action.  Especially in older guns as it will help the metal parts glide.

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