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Dawson River Dog Stitch Kit Advanced

Dawson River Dog Stitch Kit Advanced
Dawson River Dog Stitch Kit Advanced
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Dawson River Pig Dog Staple Kit Advanced

This kits has been put together with 25years of hunting experience and with veterinary assistance.  Our kits have the essential gear for primary care of an injured pig dog even for serious wounds. 

The Kit Contains

Dawson River Canvas Pouch - water resistant, 18oz canvas, steel zip runner, internal binding, Belt  loops  (2 sizes). Large size 200mm x 150mm x 80mm so kit can be added to or used to carry phones radios etc

Dawson River Surgical Skin Stapler 35w staples sterile wrapped can be washed and resealed into a clip seal bag.  Stapler is disposable 

Dawson River Staple Remover

Bandage x 2 - 100mm open weaver stretch bandage - hospital grade

Bandage x2 - Cohesive style self gripping 100mm hospital grade colours vary

Hair Razor - standard hair removal pre stapling or stitching 

Artery Forceps x 2 - Sterile Mosquito Forceps required for closing skin prior to staples

Wound Dressing x 2- Large dressing with gauze bandage same as military bandages

Scissors - Stainless Steel scissors which are can be sterilised  

Iodine Solution - Antiseptic iodine for flushing wounds and surrounding damage

Gauze pads x 5 - Ideal for sound coverage and cleaning.

Nerf Needle Holder - Sterile needle holder to be used for surgical thread.

Suture  x 2 - Surgical Silk 3.0 non soluble

We do not include clotting agents - as we believe they are ineffective  for arterial wounds. Basic first skills are required for use of this gear.  This kits is not intended to replace a VET, but it may save you $1000s in bills and save your dog.

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