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Generic 1911 Holster - Black

Generic 1911 Holster - Black
Product Code: Generic 1911 Holster - Black
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Holster Generic 1911, Browning High Power, Colt Paddle Style

Generic Style 1911 Holster Belt- Complete with fixed paddle attachment

These are ideal for rural licence holders who use a handgun on their properties for stock and feral animal control. 

Could be used for private security work with proper consideration for holster style

This holster fits Para Ordnance 1911, Browning High Power, Chippa 1911 types, Colt 45 and may accommodate most full frame 1911 weapons. 

These holsters have been tested and found sound for general purposes.  If intended for law enforcement, Security or Military we recommend a thorough testing before being put into field.  Proper training is recommended for holster use. 

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