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Ridgeline Pig Dog Stapler Kit

Ridgeline Pig Dog Stapler Kit
Product Code: RLAF-DOF
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Entry level kits only and are not recommended for serious hunters. Contents included in canvas pouch: 1x Self adhesive bandage 1x Wound dressing tape 1x PVC electrical tape 1x Scissors 1x Skin stapler 1x Artery clamp add $15.00 for extra clamp 1x Instruction sheet For a higher quality kit look at our Dawson River kits - these cost slightly more but the quality far exceeds these entry level kits. Tired of losing your best mates? This kit allows a hunter in an emergency to not only disinfect their dog's wound, but to staple the skin shut to help avoid blood loss and bacterial infection entering the affected area. All contained in an easy-to-carry pouch that fits onto your belt. Not to be used as an alternative to the vet, but as a temporary solution to your dog's injury until you can get to the vet. Package includes: 1 x self-adhesive bandage, 1 x wound dressing bandage, 1 x PVC electrical tape, 1 x scissors, 1 x skin stapler, 1 x artery clamp, 1 x canvas pouch and an instruction sheet (does not include antiseptic powder.)

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